Thursday, February 3, 2011

How To Convert A Shed Into A Spare Room

Space is hard to get hold of and building additions to the home can be costly and in some places, the building codes can be burdensome. But the potential for converting the home storage shed into a spare bedroom or a granny flat can be a neat solution for that college graduate who does not want to leave home or for granny who does not want to go to a nursing home but is not able to live alone.
These rooms are added to the primary house but have their own amenities such as kitchen, living area, bathroom and a separate entrance. Although some would prefer a connecting door to the kitchen but most of the time, the entrance is separate. It can be connected to the primary house or separate like a garden suite.
Before anything else, make a budget plan and then check out the shed. Make sure that the structure of the shed is still solid and safe enough to be converted into a spare room. It should be wide enough to accommodate some furniture such as a bed, dresser, cabinets, table and chairs - or some appliances such as a television. Try to check if there are possible molds, foundation or ventilation problems and attend to them first. Disinfect and clean the areas that are affected with mildew.
Also check the local building codes or zoning regulations before starting the construction work. Then decide how the furniture will be arranged and add electrical outlets where they can be easily accessed. After the necessary authorizations are filed, install electrical wirings for lights and the outlets. Preferably the room should have a minimum of one window for ventilation purposes and allow the natural light from outside to enter.
Next, paint the walls or build in dry wall to construct a neat interior. Don't use grey tones as this will give it a shed or garage feel. Instead use bright colors to bring some life in the room. If needed, install an insulator to keep the inside temperature constant. Mount a dehumidifier to prevent the growth of mildew since these could cause deterioration of the walls in the future and would make the room smell bad. Use a water-resistant paint to avoid any deterioration in cases when water may seep in.
Subsequently, check the floors. Get rid of dirt foundations or broken wooden floors as these could present future problems. Ensure that they are free from any damages, especially those caused by water since these could weaken the foundation. Fit in tiles or hardwood according to manufacturer's instructions. If wooden floors are used, consider putting in a carpet to prevent early wear and tear of the wood. Seal all grooves in the ceiling to prevent water leaks in case of rain or snow.
If there is a need to renovate the beams or walls, pre-cast concrete walls or customized frames are available in construction stores.
Then finally, decorate it according to your taste or to the person who will be living inside it. Provide the bed, dressers, mirrors, night stands. Then place some drapes or curtains and stylish lighting. Decorate the walls with framed pictures. Anybody sleeping inside will never know that it used to be a shed and the old lawn mower used to stay there.

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